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Why Live Wedding Painting is a Wedding Must Have

The DJ. The photographer. The venue. The caterer. The florist. All of these may seem like wedding "must haves", but depending on the couple, the must haves (and what doesn't make the cut) will vary. When it comes right down to it, all you really need for a wedding is an officiant. After that, the title for "most important wedding vendor" is up for grabs and subject to opinion.

Live wedding painting is one of the most unique forms of wedding entertainment available today, but unique doesn't mean "over the top" or "unnessecary". Because professional live wedding painters often reside mainly in metropolitan areas, it's popularity seems to be relegated to big cities and their suburbs, giving it a reputation for being a luxury wedding item- something only larger wedding budgets can absorb.

But ask a wedding couple who their most talked about vendor is after the big day, and those who hired a live wedding painter will tell you- the live wedding painter is always a favorite among guests and couples alike.


Most wedding vendors fall into one service category type: wedding day or wedding memories. The musical entertainment is for the wedding day. The photographer and videographer serve for wedding memories. A live wedding painting does both: it offers captivating entertainment for the day of and captures a wedding memory from a point of view that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

Some wedding entertainment is suitable only for themed weddings- for example a fortune teller would make sense for a halloween wedding but not in a rustic barn. A violin quartet will work in lofty ballrooms but might feel stuffy in more casual venues.

Live wedding painting fits into any wedding seamlessly. As classic as the renaissance, live wedding painting is timeless and will never feel dated.

You might feel that a live wedding painter is a fun extra when you first decide on an artist, but once the dust settles and the wedding is done, you'll realize the live wedding painting was the best addition you added for your big day, and that a vendor that seemed like a fun extra when you first chose it ended up defining your wedding.

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