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Lauryn offers Guest portrait services for weddings and events!
Lauryn is a trained fine artist with a BFA in Visual Arts and a concentration in painting and drawing. She offers professional services as a guest portrait artist with a unique style, influenced by her experience in the NYC fashion industry.

How it works:
Guest portraits are in a loose, unique style in pen and ink on 8.5"x5.5" quality watercolor paper, and each one includes a protective plastic sleeve.

Lauryn is an efficient artist, and can sketch approximately 10-14 guests (or 5-7 couples) per hour.*

Your guests will be delighted with their mini guest portraits! 

Lauryn's assistant will take their name, number, and photograph so that they can return to the festivities while Lauryn works on their portrait (or they can stick around and watch if they prefer). A text will be sent to them once their artwork is available for pickup.

*Number of guests per hour is contingent on many factors, but Lauryn makes her best effort to perform as many portraits per hour as possible!

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