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Why Couple Only Paintings are Here to Stay

If you've done some research/live painter shopping, you may have noticed there's a lot of different moments that can be used to inspire your painting. Some come with a crowd, but some are an intimate look at the couple alone, locked in love in a special moment. Why are couple only paintings so popular?

Well for one, they tend to be less expensive. You get all the glory of having a live painter at your wedding but at a discount. Couple only paintings are intimate and focused on you and your spouse, so they really stand the test of time.  Couple only paintings are classic and elegant. There's no shortage of sweet moments to use- the first kiss, the vows, the ceremony exit, the first dance, the first look, the cake cutting. Any of these special one on one moments will translate well to your painting.

There's less focus on the accessories to the wedding, and the guests. You don't have to worry about having your brother's future ex wife in your painting, for example. And you avoid having wedding fads being frozen in the moment with you, for future generations to cringe at.

Couple only paintings are usually on smaller canvases, so there is no shortage of easy to hang locations in the home. They are also completed faster- I almost always finish them before the reception is over, so you can take it home with you right away, if you want! They are easy to transport too.

Convenience and elegance is a swoon worthy package. I highly recommend them!

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