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The Live Painter Academy: The Place to Start Your Business as a Live Painter

A career in live painting is a dream come true! Did you know you can make an average of $2,500 per wedding as a live painter? It can be nearly impossible to make a living as an artist, so a career where you get paid so well to make art at parties sounds like a dream. Live painting is hardly new or just a trend. Live event painting has been around for several hundred years, recording banquets and weddings of olde. However, it's a very niche market, appealing to a few specific client types, usually ones with an appreciation for art. Because it is a lesser known wedding entertainment option there is a lot of work an artist needs to do to be seen and subsequently booked. There was some concern among friends and family that by “divulging secrets” of the highly specialized live painting business arena, that I am actually creating my own competition that will push me out of the market. I feel this kind of thinking is already what keeps artists from banding together to form alliances and educate others about the value of original works of art and the importance of the creative process for everybody, not only the artistically inclined. Artists are frequently paid less and live below the poverty line, are asked to compromise on their process and prices, and are overlooked for their contributions to society. I've always been an educator at heart, and I feel the call to teach others how to make a living with their art. That's why I started coaching artists on live event painting. I want every artist to have the equal opportunity to experience the joy that comes with getting paid to paint- and attend a party while they are at it! So why be a live painter? Live event painting is no doubt one of the coolest jobs ever for anyone that loves to paint. There is nothing else like it as an artist. If you are a painter, what is not to like about getting paid thousands of dollars in one night to do something creative and awe inspiring at a party? It goes deeper than parties and money though. As a live event painter I am a witness to some of the most important moments in my client's lives. Not only am I blessed to be present for these moments, but to then consider that my artwork will be hanging in their home fills me with pride. With every live painting I complete, I have a work of art I made that others will look at every single day. These paintings will become cherished family heirlooms as well- imagine what it would mean to you if you had a painting from your grandparents or great grand parents wedding day that was passed down from generation to generation? To be a part of that family story, that lineage, is most definitely an honor.

Are you ready to get help starting your Live Painting business? Whether you are an artist brand new to live wedding painting or have already begun taking steps to be a Live Painter, I can help you at The Live Painter Academy.

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