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5 Things to Look for in a Live Painter for Your Wedding

Live event painting is still a growing wedding trend so there aren't as many people to choose from as there are for, say, a wedding photographer. The unique nature of a live wedding painter's services makes it a little tricky for couples to know what they should be looking for when they hire somebody. To make your decision easier, here are five questions to ask as you search for a live wedding painter!

1. What style art do you like?

The most important factor in choosing a live wedding painter is the artist's style. You don't need to know anything about art to know what you like!  Check out the artist's paintings on their website.  Do you like the paintings that are more like photographs, or do you want something with expression in it? Are you attracted to vibrant brush strokes and color or something more subtle and somber? Try not to let price be your only deciding factor, after all this is ideally going to hang in your home for years (or generations) to come!

2. What's their personality like?

Part of what you are paying a live wedding painter for is their performance. Make sure you choose someone who can entertain your guests! You want someone warm and friendly, who will great guests with a smile and answer their questions about the artwork as opposed to an artist that broods in the corner while they paint.

3. How soon do you want your painting?

Make sure to ask any potential artists how long it takes them to finish a painting. Do you want your painting finished the night of the wedding, or is it okay for them to work on it in their studio for a few months? Keep in mind that oil paint takes much longer to dry than acrylic paint, so often oil paintings take months to complete where an acrylic paint artist or watercolor painter may be able to have the painting finished by the end of the event.

4. Is the artist a professorial?

Make sure your artist has some experience in the art world. First, do they have a website? If they don't, that's a red flag. Take the time to google a prospective artist. Have they ever shown work in a gallery or had an article written about them? What about reviews? Did they study art in a formal setting?

5. Are they insured?

This is a sub branch off of the question about your artist being a professional. Do they have insurance? Some venues require all of your wedding vendors to have it, so make sure to check with your venue prior to hiring anyone. If an artist is insured you are in the clear. It's also a sign that they take their business seriously. 

So remember, the artist's work, performance style, and professionalism are all key in making sure your live painting is as perfect as every other part of your wedding day!

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